Creating Marketing Strategies & Solutions

The world’s marketing strategies are changing as fast as the choices of people are. A year-old marketing activity might also not work for you as per current fast-paced changes.


Your focus should be on creating new marketing/branding strategies that will drive new customers towards you and also helps in retaining the old ones.




Developing your marketing strategy requires:


  • Understand your target customer sentiments and pain points
  • Looking upon the current changing trends in marketing strategies
  • Focusing on providing the max value from your product/services
  • Being unique


I, Ayush Mathur will you creating distinctive Marketing strategies and with branding and technological solutions that will keep your company’s profit high and customers happy. I will provide you with the following


  • Strategic marketing plan: A strategic plan which will gives a clarity on Target Customers, Products, Pricing, Promotional Plan and Brand positioning.   
  • Defining marketing Campaigns: Focused on designing campaigns with its processes and designing collaterals.
  • Technological Support: I will plan and design technological solutions like Websites/Applications. Learn more @


Through my services, I try to give high-value solutions that you can use to achieve more in your business.  Hire me


To give your project an edge from the start and also to save your precious time from experimental losses, connect with me to get things in the market as fast as possible. Call/WhatsApp me at +91 9999 599 076 or email to me at

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