Building Start-ups through Planning, Strategies & Solutions

A Thinking of an idea and running it is 2 vast end corners of a thread. A good idea is always required at the start but a great start decides the future of the business.

8 out of 10 startup fails within 5 years is due to lacking proper guidance, strategic vision, and implementation.




What does it take to Start a Business?


  • A good well planned and thoughtful idea.
  • A team that works hard to give it a stroke of success.
  • The right attitude of working and a positive environment.
  • A great start with well planned and designed solutions.


I, Ayush Mathur, Can help you achieve success by providing right guidance & solutions through the following solutions:


  • Bringing clarity in thoughts for business execution
  • Building operational /marketing strategies
  • Concept planning and designing of technological solutions
  • Planning and designing branding/marketing collaterals
  • Business coach /mentor to CXO’s


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