What Happens When We Get Something Undeserved?

Expectations are the pedestal of our everyday life. We have goals, ambitions, and dreams consistently waiting to be fulfilled. Some of them become a reality while some don’t. Sometimes, despite all the hard work from our end, we do not get what we truly deserve and this can be quite frustrating, to say the least.


But what if we got things more than we actually deserved? Wouldn’t it be nice to experience all the pleasures of life without having to work for it? There are certain individuals who tend to have things their way without much effort. Be it their luck, family or simply the environment they grew up in, some people are truly blessed with a lot more privileges than what they deserve.


Now there is nothing wrong with being lucky neither it is anyone’s fault that some people are handed a silver spoon upon their birth. But, looking into the bigger picture, getting undeserved things can end up being a ‘curse’ in disguise. From our mind-set to our destiny, receiving things undeserved can significantly mould our life for the worse. Here is how:


1. Lack of gratitude or appreciation: It is very difficult to appreciate things we did not work for. And when we do not appreciate things, it is almost impossible to be thankful for it. We do not get to learn to be grateful for things around us and are more inclined to rather take things for granted. This habitual pattern leads us to a vicious circle of dissatisfaction and unhappiness in life.

2. Lack of self-awareness: Having undeserved things or being given something holds us back from achieving and attaining our potential. It rectifies the need of having to grind and strive for something. Although an easy lifestyle might sound appealing, it is certain to hamper our journey towards self -awareness. Undeserved privileges make us incapable of realizing our core strength as well as our weaknesses. This causes a person to experience a lack of self -identity leading to several emotional and sentimental issues in the future.

3. Temporal pleasure: As glittering as it might seem, undeserved things do not tend to last longer and are most likely to fade away from us. This can either happen due to our sheer negligence or the lack of appreciation or we simply haven’t learned to maintain and utilize it for good. For example, the fortunes of self -made millionaire are likely to last long compared to an overnight lottery winner. This proves that undeserved privileges do provide temporal gains and happiness but it is unlikely to be durable.

4. Sub-Conscious Impact: Regardless of how fulfilled and happy we may seem on the outside, owning undeserved matters are bound to cause a void within us. We are more likely to dwell on thoughts about how we did not deserve any of this and how our current circumstance is a surplus to our efforts. Over time, these negative thoughts get accumulated in our subconscious and fabricate negative beliefs system. This causes a person to have self -doubt and insecurity from within. And since sub-conscious is largely responsible for our outcomes in life, such instances are likely to make way for failure and unsuccessful.


In a nutshell, easy gains and accumulations arent worth it in the long run. We despise people who are given everything in their plate, without having to do much. But it is crucial to understand that such instances do not benefit us in our personal as well as professional journey. After all, growth only comes through continuous struggles.


Ayush Mathur, IT consultant, Online business consultant, Business growth consultant